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Ormco Introduces the New Damon™ Q2 with 2x Rotation Control for ... Sep 10, 2018 ... It plays nice with Damon Q and the Damon Clear bracket, so I can ... DQ2 provides four solid walls with a refined precision slot and 2x the ... the bracket system features a small profile and size with smooth, rounded corners. Damon Q - Ormco Damon Q is a major step forward in low-friction, passive self-ligation ... Horizontal and vertical auxiliary slots for greater versatility; Rhomboid-shaped bracket and pad ... Small bracket sizes with smooth, rounded corners help prevent occlusal ...

Damon Q, all-metal brackets are a major step forward in low-friction, passive ... Four Solid Walls with Chamfered Slide; Small Size & Profile; Dual Auxiliary Slots  ...

New Damon™ Q2 with 2x Rotation Control for Optimal Precision ... Today Ormco Corporation announced the availability of Damon™ Q2 (DQ2), the newest addition to the Damon™ System. The new bracket system features 2x the rotation control 1, providing clinicians the versatility to help efficiently treat all cases with simplified mechanics.

Introducing the 8th generation Damon™ System bracket, inspired by orthodontists ... Small bracket profile and size with smooth, rounded corners designed for patient ... Four solid walls with refined precision slot for +2x** the rotational control ... with: Damon™ Q brackets, Damon™ Clear2 brackets, SnapLink™ buccal tubes, ...

The profile and occlusal-gingival dimensions of Damon Q are ... All Damon brackets – Slot base marking, plus (+) = high torque, minus (-) = low torque. 1 2 3 4 5. Archwire Sequencing | Damon Q | Ormco Orthodontic Supplies Damon Q: Low-Friction, Passive Self-Ligation Request ... Choose the correct archwire size and give it time to work! ... There is also the binding created by the deflection of the archwire against the sides of the bracket slots in crowded cases. Damon Q | Self-Ligating Brackets | Ormco Supplies

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When can a bracket be considered to be more than a normal product development? When it opens new doors to practice efficiency, clinical flexibility, patient comfort and aesthetics. The metal Damon Q is a major step forward in low-friction, passive self-ligation technology that delivers far more than straight teeth. Why Choose Damon | Damon Braces Damon braces are designed to be discreet, comfortable and easy to keep clean. Without the elastic ties which attract and collect plaque, Damon braces make dental hygiene easy during treatment. Plus the Damon System is available in clear brackets for those image conscious patients. Damon Clear Brackets DAMON Q2 - Ormco Representing over 20 years of innovation and inspiration from orthodontists around the world, the new Damon™ Q2 is the 8th generation bracket in the world-renowned Damon™ System— a proven combination of passive self-ligating brackets, light force archwire sequencing, and recommended treatment protocols used to successfully finish millions of cases.